CHI 2013 Interactivity with Video Previews

Interactive Sensory Objects for Improving Access to Heritage Kate Allen, Nic Hollinworth, Faustina Hwang, Andy Minnion, Gosia Kwiatkowska, Ticky Lowe, Nick Weldin This project aims to help improve the accessibility and experiences of museums and heritage sites through the creation of interactive, multisensory objects, developed collaboratively with learning disabled people.
Mobile Rhythmic Interaction in a Sonic Tennis Game Stefano Baldan, Stefania Serafin, Amalia de Gotzen Sonic Tennis: motion-based audio only game for mobile devices
The Augmented Video Wall: Multi-user AR Interaction With Public Displays Matthias Baldauf, Peter Fröhlich The Augmented Video Wall demonstrates a novel collocated interaction technique for public displays creating the illusion of literally private views by utilizing means of augmented reality.
ThorDMX: A Prototyping Toolkit for Interactive Stage Lighting Control Tom Bartindale, Patrick Olivier ThorDMX is a lightweight prototyping toolkit for designing expressive, collaborative and flexible stage lighting controllers. The toolkit provides a framework, code and tutorials for developing controllers using familiar prototyping tools.
De-MO : Designing Action-Sound Relationships with the MO Interfaces Frederic Bevilacqua, Norbert Schnell, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Julien Bloit, Emmanuel Flety, Baptiste Caramiaux, Jules Francoise, Eric Boyer Demonstrations of the Modular Musical Objects (MO), an ensemble of tangible interfaces and software modules for creating novel musical instruments or for augmenting objects with sound.
GravitySpace: Tracking Users and Their Poses in a Smart Room Using a Pressure-Sensing Floor Alan Bränzel, Christian Holz, Daniel Hoffmann, Dominik Schmidt, Marius Knaust, Patrick Lühne, René Meusel, Stephan R Richter, Patrick Baudisch GravitySpace is a pressure-sensitive floor: It identifies and tracks users, recognizes poses, and detects objects based on pressure imprints. Virtual 3D-avatars visualize in real-time what users are doing on the floor.
Parallel Faceted Browsing Sven Buschbeck, Anthony D. Jameson, Adrian Spirescu, Tanja Schneeberger, Raphael Troncy, Houda Khrouf, Osma Suominen, Eero Hyvonen Parallel faceted browsing makes it easy to construct - and view the results of - multiple interrelated queries. It facilitates (collaborative) exploration when you don't know what you're looking for.
Art Mapping in Paris Laura Carletti, Dominic Price, Rebecca Sinker, Gabriella Giannachi, Derek McAuley, John Stack, Kirstie Beaver, Jennifer Mundy Art Maps aims to explore the relation between artworks and the location that they depict, and to improve the quality of the artworks’ geographic data, through a crowdsourcing process.
Storeys – Designing Collaborative Storytelling Interfaces Justin Cheng, Laewoo Kang, Dan Cosley Storeys is a graph-based visualization tool designed for collaborative story writing that represents stories in a branching tree of individual sentences.
ColourNet: A System of Interactive and Interacting Digital Artworks Sean Clark, Ernest A Edmonds ColourNet is a digital art system composed of two interactive and interacting artworks - Shaping Form and Transformations.
HeartLink: Open Broadcast of Live Biometric Data to Social Networks Franco Curmi, Jon Whittle, Maria Angela Ferrario, Jen Southern A system to crowdsource motivation in real-time. Users conducting a task share their biometric data over social networks and \ remote viewers cheer in social support.
HapSeat: A Novel Approach to Simulate Motion in a Consumer Environment Fabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, Philippe Guillotel, Nicolas Mollet, Marc Christie, Anatole Lécuyer The HapSeat is a novel approach for simulating motion sensations in consumer settings. Come to to experience four videos enhanced by haptic effects of motion!
Chiseling Bodies: an Augmented Dance Performance Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Christian Jacquemin, Frederic Bevilacqua Chiseling Bodies is an interactive augmented dance performance, where one classical dancer interacts with abstract visuals. They are massive mass-spring systems whose dynamical behaviors are echoing the dancer's movement qualities.
PianoText: Transferring Musical Expertise to Text Entry Anna Maria Feit, Antti Oulasvirta PianoText allows text entry on a regular piano. It is based on a computational method that maps structures in the english language to \ well practiced music patterns. \
Colocated Surface Sound Interaction Adrian Freed, Jess Rowland We show a conductive paper musical instrument, magnets mounted in gloves with printed conductors to form planar loudspeaker arrays and conductive and resistive fabrics integrated in loudspeaker.
PaperTonnetz: Supporting Music Composition with Interactive Paper Jérémie Garcia, Louis Bigo, Antoine Spicher, Wendy E. Mackay PaperTonnetz lets users compose music with tone networks representations on interactive paper. Create the paper interface, draw and select paths with the pen in the network to create chords and melodies.
KINECTWheels: Wheelchair-Accessible Motion-Based Game Interaction Kathrin M Gerling, Michael R Kalyn, Regan L Mandryk KINECTWheels helps designers integrate wheelchair-based input into motion-based games. Besides upper body gestures, the system tracks wheelchair movements such as turning to the sides and moving back and forth.
Big Huggin: A Bear for Affection Gaming Lindsay Grace Big Huggin' is a game played with a 30 inch custom teddy bear controller. Players complete the game by providing several well-timed hugs. It is an experiment in alternative interface.
NoiseBear: A Wireless Malleable Multiparametric Controller for use in Assistive Technology Contexts Mick S Grierson, Chris Kiefer NoiseBear is a malleable multiparametric interface, made with conductive textiles, currently being developed in participatory design workshops with disabled children.
Spinning Data: Remixing Live Data Like a Music DJ Paul Groth, David A Shamma Spin data! Using a DJ turntable curate and mix the story of a live event based on social media. Try it for CHI or other ongoing event.
Kalpana II: A Dome based Learning Installation for Indian Schools Ishneet Grover ‘Kalpana’— meaning imagination, provides a dome based immersive experience and make students fantasize about experience a day at different places on earth.
Gaze-supported Foot Interaction in Zoomable Information Spaces Fabian Göbel, Konstantin Klamka, Andreas Siegel, Stefan Vogt, Sophie Stellmach, Raimund Dachselt The demo illustrates a combination of gaze and foot input to navigate in Google Earth. Several alternatives for multimodal gaze-supported foot interaction for pan and zoom can be experienced.
Overlapped Playback Hwang Hayeon, Romy A Achituv (advisor) Overlapped Playback employs interlaced video frames to digitally expand upon a classical optical illusion. The animations are generated by changing one’s spatial orientation in relation to the projected image.
Cuboino. Extending Physical Games. An Example. Felix Heibeck Cuboino is a computationally augmented physical toy system designed as an extension for the existing marble-game cuboro.
Smarter Objects: Using AR Technology to Program Physical Objects and their Interactions Valentin Heun, Shunichi Kasahara, Pattie Maes Smarter Objects provides a flexible user interface, combining both tangible and graphical user interfaces, using a GUI for understanding and programming and a TUI for day-to-day operation.
Repentir: Digital Exploration Beneath the Surface of an Oil Painting Jonathan Hook, Jo Briggs, Mark Blythe, Nathan Walsh, Patrick Olivier Repentir is a mobile application that employs marker-less tracking and augmented reality to enable gallery visitors to explore the under drawing and successive stages of pigment beneath a painting's surface.
Musical Embrace: Facilitating Engaging Play Experiences through Social Awkwardness Amy Huggard, Anushka De Mel, Jayden Garner, Cagdas "Chad" Toprak, Alan D Chatham, Florian Mueller Musical Embrace is a novel digital game that promotes social awkwardness, arising through close physical proximity between strangers, and challenges current ideologies associated with digital games, play and interactivity.
Venus Eunmi Jung, Youngsil Lee, Romy A Achituv (advisor) Please approach the garment to witness its behavior.
EducaTableware: Computer-Augmented Tableware to Enhance the Eating Experiences Azusa KADOMURA, Koji Tsukada, Itiro Siio We propose “EducaTableware (Educate/Tableware)”, a design for interactive tableware devices that makes eating more fun and improves daily eating habits through auditory feedback to encourage specific mealtime behaviors.
Sweat-Atoms: Turning Physical Exercise into Physical Objects Rohit A Khot, Florian Mueller SweatAtoms is a 3D modelling application that crafts physical objects using the heart beat pattern of the individual engaged in physical activities.
Sense of the Deep Minkwang Kim, Romy A Achituv (advisor) Sense of the Deep is a multi-user interactive installation that employs a unique gel-based controller to collaboratively manipulate 3D holograms in real time.
CELL EunJin Kim, Romy A Achituv (advisor) Cell is a pneumatically controlled, body augmenting, interactive and kinetic wearable/sculpture/installation that transforms in response to the user’s breath.
SOUND BOUND: Making a Graphic Equalizer More Interactive and Fun Seungki Kim, Woohun Lee SOUND BOUND contributes to ordinary graphic equalizer evolving into interactive musical instrument. It actively engages people for listening to music and it enhances their experience by distorting the music.
Gravity of Light Younghui Kim, Yejin Cho ‘Gravity of Light’ is an interactive wearable art made of 3D printed smart textile that displays the wearer's natural movements of her head into flowing patterns of light toward gravity.
Robotic Wheelchair Easy to Move and Communicate with Companions Yoshinori Kobayashi, Ryota Suzuki, Yoshihisa Sato, Masaya Arai, Yoshinori Kuno, Akiko Yamazaki, Keiichi Yamazaki We demonstrate our robotic wheelchair able to move alongside a companion. You can ride on and try to control the robotic wheelchair! \
汇(Hui) Youngsil Lee, Dong Woo Shin, Romy Achituv (Advisor) Approach the garment and experience its response.
GaussBits: Magnetic Tangible Bits for Portable and Occlusion-Free Near-Surface Interactions Rong-Hao Liang, Kai-Yin Cheng, Liwei Chan, Chuan-Xhyuan Peng, Mike Y. Chen, Rung-Huei Liang, De-Nian Yang, Bing-Yu Chen This work presents a system of the passive magnetic tangible designs that enables occlusion-free tangible interactions in the near-surface space of \ portable displays.
Permulin: Personal In- and Output on Interactive Surfaces Roman Lissermann, Jochen Huber, Jürgen Steimle, Max Mühlhäuser We showcase Permulin, a novel interactive surface prototype enabling users to utilize the entire horizontal surface for personal in- and output simultaneously.
Mind Pool: Encouraging Self-Reflection through Ambiguous Bio-Feedback Kiel Long, John Vines Mind Pool is a Brain-Computer Interface artwork providing real-time feedback of brain activity to encourage sustained interactions and self-reflection through motivating participants to relate ambiguous feedback with their thoughts.
Muscle-Propelled Force Feedback: Bringing Force Feedback to Mobile Devices using Electrical Stimulation Pedro Lopes, Patrick Baudisch Muscle-propelled Force Feedback electrically stimulates the user’s forearm muscles via four electrodes, causing the user to involuntarily tilt the device. As he is countering this force, he perceives force feedback.
Libmapper (A Library for Connecting Things) Joseph Malloch, Stephen Sinclair, Marcelo M Wanderley We introduce and demonstrate libmapper, a software library and protocol for providing network-enabled discovery and connectivity of real-time control signals.
BRAVO: A BRAin Virtual Operator For Education Exploiting Brain-Computer Interfaces Marco Marchesi, Bruno Riccò BRAVO is a software for content visualization in a mobile e-learning context. It makes use of a commercial BCI to detect the user’s brain activity and customize the contents proposed.
Can You Handle It? Bimanual Techniques for Browsing Media Collections on Touchscreen Tablets Ross McLachlan, Stephen A Brewster Experience a compelling and continuous interaction for browsing 'your stuff' in its entirety. Scroll using the rear-mounted dial and accelerate using the front mounted pressure sensor.
The Space Between the Notes: Adding Expressive Pitch Control to the Piano Keyboard Andrew P McPherson, Adrian Gierakowski, Adam Stark Attendees are invited to try a new musical keyboard incorporating capacitive touch sensing. Vibrato and pitch bends are easily played by moving the fingers on the key surfaces.
From Codes to Patterns: Designing Interactive Decoration for Tableware Rupert Meese, Shakir Ali, Emily-Clare Thorne, Steve Benford, Anthony Quinn, Richard Mortier, Boriana Koleva, Tony Pridmore, Sharon L Baurley Through collaboration with ceramic designers we created aesthetic decorative patterns for tableware that contain multiple embedded visual codes hidden within them and a mobile app to enhance a dining experience.
The Music Room Fabio Morreale, Raul Masu, Antonella De Angeli, Paolo Rota The Music Room is an installation that enables everybody to experience music composition. Visitors can manipulate an original music by interacting with each other in the room.
Demonstrating PIXEE: Pictures, Interaction and Emotional Expression Margaret E Morris, Carl S Marshall, Mira Calix, Murad Al Haj, James Scott MacDougall, Douglas Carmean PIXEE promotes social, social media. Your images (#CHI2013) become part of an interactive display. Sentiment analysis and an emotional self-expression interface invite an affective mapping of CHI2013.
LaserOrigami: Laser-Cutting 3D Objects Stefanie Mueller, Bastian Kruck, Patrick Baudisch LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than 3D-printing and \ unlike traditional laser cutting it requires no manual assembly.
constructable: Interactive Construction of Functional Mechanical Devices Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Konstantin Kaefer, Bastian Kruck, Patrick Baudisch constructable is an interactive system based on a laser-cutter. Users interact by drafting directly on the workpiece using hand-held laser pointers. constructable tracks the pointer, beautifies its path, and cuts.
Enhancing Saltiness with Cathodal Current Hiromi Nakamura, Homei Miyashita Fries can taste saltier without adding salt. \ Weak cathodal current inhibits salty tastes. And saltiness recovers/increases after the release of current. We propose a saltiness enhancer that uses this phenomenon. \
Touchbugs: Actuated Tangibles on Multi-Touch Tables Diana Nowacka, Karim Ladha, Nils Y Hammerla, Daniel Jackson, Cassim Ladha, Patrick Olivier The interaction space of the Touchbugs consists of its movement on an interactive surface or conventional table and of direct gestural interaction.
Information Capacity of Full-body Movements Antti Oulasvirta, Teemu Roos, Arttu Aleksi Modig, Laura Leppänen Presents new metric for information capacity in full-body movement. Come and try how high throughputs you can achieve!
Gravity Well: Underwater Play Sarah Jane Pell, Florian Mueller Gravity Well: Underwater play systems engaging human-aquatic movement interactions through water aquabatics and smart underwater robotic "Exploration Fish".
4 Design Themes for Skateboarding Sebastiaan Pijnappel, Florian Mueller We explore how to design interactive technologies to enhance the experience of skateboarding, providing thought provoking insights into \ how technology can have value beyond the context of performance focused \ sports.
Surface Tension Nicola J Plant, Patrick G. T. Healey An installation abstracting human expression of pain into disembodied form, gesticulations tracing shapes out of a canvas revealing the expressive quality of hands articulating a personal experience of pain.
Long Living Chair Larissa Pschetz, Richard Banks The Long Living Chair was designed to embody important slow technology concepts. Its semi-hidden display shows how many times it is used over the course of 96 years.
Gesture Output: Eyes-Free Output Using a Force Feedback Touch Surface Anne Roudaut, Andreas Rau, Christoph Sterz, Max Plauth, Pedro Lopes, Patrick Baudisch We propose using spatial gestures not only for input but also for output. Analogous to gesture input, gesture output moves the user’s finger in a gesture, which the user then recognizes.
TouchViz: (Multi)Touching Multivariate Data Jeffrey M Rzeszotarski, Aniket Kittur TouchViz is a multi-touch interactive information visualization system. Users can employ a variety of physically grounded, force-based tools to explore data in order to find complex, multidimensional trends.
The CHI 2013 Interactive Schedule Arvind Satyanarayan, Daniel Strazzulla, Clemens N Klokmose, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy E. Mackay The CHI’13 Interactive Schedule helps attendees navigate the wealth of video preview content in order to identify events they would like to attend.
Dirty Tangible Interfaces — Expressive Control of Computers with True Grit Matthieu Savary, Diemo Schwarz, Denis Pellerin, Florence Massin, Christian Jacquemin, Roland Cahen Create music and graphic animation by plowing through granular or liquid interaction material, molding sonic landscapes in the Dirty Tangible Interface (DIRTI).
Enhancing One-handed Website Operation on Touchscreen Mobile Phones Karsten Seipp, Kate Devlin A JavaScript framework that transforms input for form elements, media control and page access on the fly into a thumb-friendly interaction model.
Metaphone: An Artistic Exploration of Biofeedback and Machine Aesthetics Vygandas Simbelis, Kristina Höök The Metaphone is an interactive art piece that transforms biosensor data extracted from participants into colorful, evocative perceivable visual patterns on a big canvas.
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers – an Interface for Playful Language Exploration Cristina CS Sylla, Sérgio Gonçalves, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho t-words allow users to playfully explore sounds, words and sentences while engaging collaboratively. Users can record and then playback audio, as well as changing the audio sequences, creating new audio combinations.
MubuFunkScatShare: Gestural Energy and Shared Interactive Music Atau Tanaka, Baptiste Caramiaux, Norbert Schnell MubuFunkScatShare is a collaborative performance featuring a musician playing guitar, scatting and beatboxing. Multiple visitors can participate in the performance, re-performing live-recorded musical phrases by shaking and waving mobile phones.
PaperTab: An Electronic Paper Computer with Multiple Large Flexible Electrophoretic Displays Aneesh P Tarun, Peng Wang, Audrey Girouard, Paul Strohmeier, Derek Reilly, Roel Vertegaal Papertab is a paper computer with multiple 10.7” functional touch sensitive flexible electrophoretic displays. Papertab merges the benefits of working with electronic documents with the tangibility of paper documents.
Posture Training With Real-time Visual Feedback Brett Taylor, Max Valentin Birk, Regan Mandryk, Zenja Ivkovic Improve your standing posture by visiting this interactive demonstration of two different real-time visual posture feedback systems.
Bubble Popper: Body Contact in Digital Games Cagdas "Chad" Toprak, Joshua Platt, Hsin Yang Ho, Florian Mueller Bubble Popper is a 2-player exertion game in which players push, block and compete in popping as many projected bubbles as they can within 60 seconds.
The Voice Harvester: An Interactive Installation Nicholas True, Nigel Papworth, Ru Zarin, Jeroen Peeters, Fredrik Nilbrink, Kent Lindbergh, Daniel Fallman, Anders Lind The Voice Harvester is an exploratory interactive installation that embodies human voice in physical materials. Sound input is amplified through speakers connected to a thin, flexible membrane agitating the material.
The Throat III - Disforming Operatic Voices Through a Novel Interactive Instrument Carl Unander-Scharin, Kristina Hook, Ludvig Elblaus The Throat III is a tool for opera-singers to dynamically disform, change and accompany their voices through gestures by one hand.
Gracoli: A Graphical Command Line User Interface Pramod K Verma Gracoli is a graphical command line interface that takes advantage of both text-based interface and graphical user interface to provide better user experience. Visit for demo.
Pursuits: Eye-Based Interaction with Moving Targets Melodie Vidal, Ken Pfeuffer, Andreas Bulling, Hans W Gellersen Pursuits is a new way to interact with eye-based interfaces. By exploiting the movement of targets, it creates a potential for interaction with dynamic interfaces.
MARSUI: Malleable Audio-Reactive Shape-retaining User Interface Valtteri Wikström, Simon Overstall, Koray Tahiroglu, Johan Kildal, Teemu T Ahmaniemi MARSUI is a deformable hardware prototype that can recognize its own shape. It is designed to investigate the role of interactive auditory feedback as a guide to create specific shapes.
SimpleTones: A Collaborative Sound Controller System for Non-Musicians Francisco J Zamorano SimpleTones is an interactive sound system that allows non-musicians to experience improvisation as a group, without the need of previous musical training.
Cobi: Communitysourcing Large-Scale Conference Scheduling Haoqi Zhang, Paul André, Lydia B Chilton, Juho Kim, Steven P Dow, Robert C. Miller, Wendy E. Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Cobi engages the entire CHI community in planning CHI. Cobi elicits community members' preferences and constraints, and provides a scheduling tool empowering organizers to take informed actions toward improving the schedule.
SideWays: A Gaze Interface for Spontaneous Interaction with Situated Displays Yanxia Zhang, Andreas Bulling, Hans W Gellersen Presents a system that uses light weight computer vision techniques for calibration-free eye tracking. The system enables hands-free spontaneous interaction with situated displays using eye gaze.
AutoGami: A Low-cost Rapid Prototyping Toolkit for Automated Movable Paper Craft Kening Zhu, Shengdong Zhao, Hideaki Nii AutoGami is a toolkit for designing automated movable paper craft. It has hardware and software components allowing users to create automated movable paper craft without any prerequisite knowledge of electronics.
TraInAb: A Solution Based on Tangible and Distributed User Interfaces to Improve Cognitive Disabilities Elena de la Guía, María Lozano, Victor M. R. Penichet TraInAb (Training Intellectual Abilities) is an interactive and collaborative set of games based on Tangible and Distributed User Interfaces designed to stimulate people with intellectual disabilities