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CHI 2013 provides special support for recruiting by offering organizations the opportunity to rent exhibit booth space for this purpose. Informal interview areas are available to recruiters renting exhibit booth space. A complimentary conference registration is also included with each booth rental.

Recruiting Booth

For more information on renting a recruiting booth, see the CHI 2013 Invitation to Exhibit (coming in late August), or contact Carol Klyver at recruiters@chi2013.acm.org.

Recruiting Board

If a recruiting booth is more than you need, renting a “recruiting board” where you can post open positions may be a good option. You may also supplement a recruiting booth rental with a recruiting board to enhance your efforts. More information on recruiting board rentals may be found in the CHI 2013 Invitation to Exhibit (coming in late August) or by contacting Carol Klyver at recruiters@chi2013.acm.org.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Recruiting efforts are further enhanced by becoming a conference sponsor. For more detailed information about this and the many other advantages of sponsoring, please click here or contact Carol Klyver, Sponsor and Exhibi Coordinator, at recruiters@chi2013.acm.org