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CHI 2013 Awards

The Student Competition Awards and the Video Showcase Award were announced at the CHI 2013 closing plenary session. The Best of CHI papers and case studies were announced at the opening plenary session. Congratulations to the winners!

What to attend: MyCHI

MyCHI allows you to figure out which paper sessions to attend. Based on what you pick, MyCHI recommends additional papers talks that you might enjoy as well

Watch the Video Previews

CHI 2013 is proud to introduce Video Previews, a new way to help you plan your conference time and share the work presented at CHI 2013 before, during and after the conference. CHI 2013 are 30-second video clips showcasing the work that will be presented at CHI. They are available for many of the CHI [Read More]

iOS App now available

The CHI 2013 iOS app is now available on the App Store. The app lets you browse the program and organize your schedule. It gives you access to the Video Previews and, once at the conference, will let you load the proceedings and extended abstracts for in-app viewing of all papers. See all the details [Read More]

A Taste of CHI 2013

Take a look at our Video Teaser to get a taste of some of the work that will be presented in Paris 10 days from now.

IRCAM Lab Tour

Registration to CHI 2013 IRCAM Lab Tour now available online IRCAM, world leading lab in music and sound technology associated with the Centre Pompidou, CNRS, University Pierre et Marie Curie and Inria, is delighted to announce the IRCAM Lab Tour for registered CHI 2013 participants, featuring demos and performances of ongoing research on music interaction [Read More]

Advance program online

The CHI 2013 advance program is now available on-line! Discover the full CHI 2013 program, with over 1000 events in diverse venues across 16 parallel sessions. We have three outstanding plenary speakers (Paola Antonelli, Vint Cerf and Bruno Latour), over 100 sessions for papers, notes, TOCHI papers, case studies and alt.chi, as well as three [Read More]

Registration now open

Registration for CHI 2013 is now open, with an early-bird deadline on March 14. Please go to the registration page to register for the conference. Payment is available in both Euros and US Dollars.

Housing now open

The CHI 2013 Housing web site is now open: click here to view the list of conference hotels and book your room.

Exhibits Are Sold Out

Exhibits are now sold out. Details about CHI 2013 exhibits are available online and in the CHI 2013 Invitation to Exhibit.

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