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Exhibitor Planning Help

Information on this page is designed to help exhibitors plan for the upcoming show. We strongly encourage you to print out and carefully review these documents. Please pay special attention to the information about shipping and customs as it addresses empty packaging and other important items as well.

Included is:

1. A picture of a our typical stand/booth. The following are provided with your stand/booth rental:walls for stand/booth
Fleece carpet for floor
1 table
2 chairs
1 wastebasket
1 stand/booth identification sign
1 standard cleaning each day (additional cleaning must be ordered and paid for by exhibitor)

2. A current floor plan (exhibit booths are in white)

3. Updated shipping and customs instructions – IMPORTANT

4. A sample commercial invoice

5. A General Information Sheet for all Exhibitors – IMPORTANT

6. CHI 2013 Exhibit Ordering Account Set Up Instructions