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Mobile Apps

The CHI 2013 Mobile Apps are your best companions to keep track of your schedule at the conference. They are available for iOS and Android.

  • The CHI 2013 iOS app is available on the App Store.
  • The Android version will be available on Google Play very soon.

Both apps let you browse the program and organize your schedule.

They give you access to the more than 550 thirty-second Video Previews, to get a quick glimpse of many of the presentations.

Once at the conference, they will let you load the proceedings and extended abstracts for in-app viewing of all papers.

The apps also let you quickly find a session or presentation by entering its 3-letter code in the search box of the app.

Help us improve the apps by sending us the usage data they collect. You will find instructions in the “More > Export Data” tab of the app.

Want more: MyCHI allows you to figure out which paper sessions to attend. Based on what you pick, MyCHI recommends additional papers talks that you might enjoy as well.

Join us at the Interacting with CHI session on Wednesday morning at 11am in room 251 to give us your feedback and help us improve interaction with future CHI conferences. The code is: IWC