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Video Previews

CHI 2013 introduces Video Previews, 30-second video clips that introduce the work that will be presented at CHI 2013.

Video Previews are available for many of the conference venues: Papers, Notes, TOCHI papers, Case Studies, Panels, Courses, SIGs, alt.chi, Interactivity.

You can watch the Video Previews in a variety of ways:

At the conference, Video Previews will be on the USB key that will be distributed to all attendees. From there you will be able to copy them on your laptop as well as into the CHI 2013 Mobile Apps for offline viewing.

Video Previews will also be displayed on large displays throughout the conference.

We encourage you to use the Video Previews before, during and after the conference, and to give us your feedback so we can improve the experience for next year.

Please note that during the conference, Video Previews will not be available over the wireless network in order to improve everybody’s ability to get online.

Join us at the Interacting with CHI session on Wednesday morning at 11am in room 251 to give us your feedback and help us improve interaction with future CHI conferences. The code is: IWC