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Child-Computer Interaction

Featured Community

Important Dates

Message from the Child Computer Interaction Community Chairs

The Child Computer Interaction Community is keen to promote and support high quality research and discussion in the areas around the design and evaluation of interactive technologies for children and in the evaluation and development of new research methods for use with this user group. Our interest includes children across all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and contexts including home, school and play, fun, learning and sociality, and education, games and communication. For CHI2013, as well as promoting submissions in all the usual CHI venues, we are also holding two special community sessions, our postcard session (which was highly successful at CHI2012) and a CCI SIG.

The ‘Postcard’ session is a poster session with a difference – instead of bringing a poster of your work, in the spirit of the Parisien venue, you make a postcard sized drawing of your most recent work (or several) and bring this to share. This sharing will take place during a lunchtime party slot which will include party games (based on critical CCI research knowledge), interactive food and entertainment. Individuals wishing to contribute to the organisation of this event are encouraged to contact the chairs as soon as possible but otherwise, on or before the 30th December 2012. To attend this event as a participant, we ask you to email the organisers with your intention to join and we ask that you make 30 copies of your postcard – ahead of the event – so that these can be handed out to the other participants.

The second special event will be a community SIG – details will follow.

Janet C Read, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
Juan Pablo Hourcade, University of Iowa, USA

Types of Submission

  • long papers and notes that present new research findings
  • long papers and notes that describe design innovations
  • long papers that reflect on the activity and practice of doing research in CCI
  • case studies that outline a product in place or a method used in practice
  • works in progress that may present early work in a research project

We are keen to encourage workshops, panels and tutorials – interested individuals are encouraged to alert the community chairs of their intentions in this area as they will be able to advice as to the anticipated interest in these venues. There will be a special CCI community SIG, hosted by the community chairs – this should not discourage other SIG submissions in the area although again, contact with the community chairs would be beneficial.

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type, i.e. archival format, extended abstracts format, video, etc. Please refer to the pages on this web site that describe the various forums. When submitting using the PCS online submission system, you can choose ‘child computer interaction’ as an author keyword to make sure your work is reviewed by appropriate reviewers.