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User Experience

Core Community

Important Dates

User experience (UX) community members are encouraged to share their work in all submission categories below. Keywords ‘user experience’, ‘experience’, and ‘usability’ will help us to identify the submissions relevant for our community.

Whats’s New

For CHI 2013, your hosts in the User Experience Community are Virpi Roto, Aalto University, Finland, and Arnie Lund, GE, USA. Suggestions for new activities are welcome, e.g. at the LinkedIn Group: CHI UX Community.

Message from the User Experience Community Chairs

The User Experience (UX) community chairs welcome both practitioners and researchers in the field of user experience and usability to CHI 2013! We are working hard to make the CHI experience as pleasant and possible for our community members, i.e. You. We try to help CHI participants and presenters to get the best benefit out of the research on usability and user experience at CHI 2013.

This year, our special focus is in first-time visitors at CHI. As the conference runs in 16 tracks, finding the relevant and interesting sessions is often difficult. CHI’12 introduced a tagging system for papers, which helped the digital programme users identify usability and user experience papers from others. Together with other communities, we aim at making the content tagging system work even better than 2012. We investigate the possibility to have more specific tags for the wide field of user experience, so that the stuff interesting for You would be easier to identify among the large number of papers under the UX umbrella.

Introduction to the User Experience Community

Communities are a chance for SIGCHI members with a common area of interest to gather and advance their area through the CHI conference. The User Experience Community aims to serve CHI contributors and participants interested in usability and user experience (UX) – studying both the utilitarian and experiential (or instrumental and non-instrumental, if you like) aspects of human-technology interaction.

The UX community has three practical goals, each with a different audience:

  • For authors: Help usability and UX researchers and practitioners find appropriate submission category for publishing their work. Contact
  • For CHI chairs: Help the paper chairs to find reviewers specialized in usability and UX, thus ensuring high quality review process for submissions.
  • For CHI attendees: Help CHI attendees to find sessions where UX and usability related topics are presented and discussed.

A specific task of CHI communities is to help practitioners find appropriate venues for the presentation of advanced approaches, thought-provoking communication, and interaction between research and practice, whether the submission is a debate, a description of a new method, an interesting case study, or some other presentation format. We will also try to help you find other people who may be interested in participating with you.

We expect that there will be many related themes and activities offered by the other CHI communities participating in this conference. We strongly encourage you to submit multi-community proposals that look at user experience and usability in the context of design, engineering, management, and/or research.

Virpi Roto, Aalto University, Finland
Arnie Lund, GE