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Works-in-Progress rotation schedule

Dear Works-in-Progress poster presenters, please check below during which of the two rotations your poster will be up: Mon/Tue or Wed/Thurs, a ’1′ indicates you’re on that rotation. Or check your number: if your final poster number > 1000, you’re on Wed/Thurs.

You are expected to hang your poster yourself, and to be physically present at your poster during the spotlight session for your rotation (exact times tba). Posters will be organized by cluster & number. See you in Paris!

WiP poster # Submit # Title Cluster Mon-Tue Wed-Thurs
0001 wip220 Can We Augment Reality with Mental Images? Pretend Play Elicitation for Children with Autism Accessibility 1
0002 wip341 A Motion-based Interface to Control Environmental Stimulation for Children with Severe to Profound Disabilities Accessibility 1
0003 wip536 Adaptive Time Windows for Real-Time Crowd Captioning Accessibility 1
0004 wip673 Accessible Gaming for People with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities: A Framework for Dynamic Adaptation Accessibility 1
0005 wip816 Karaoke: An Assistive Alternative Interface for Illiterate Users Accessibility 1
0006 wip868 Design Guidelines of a Tool to Help Blind Authors Independently Format Their Word Documents Accessibility 1
0007 wip653 Facilitating Route Learning Using Interactive Audio-Tactile Maps for Blind and Visually Impaired People Accessibility 1
0008 wip768 Button Blender: Remixing Input to Improve Video Game Accessibility Accessibility 1
0009 wip700 Towards an Ambient Assisted Living User Interaction Taxonomy Accessibility 1
0010 wip487 Exploring Tangible Collaborative Distance Learning Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired Accessibility 1
0011 wip685 Human Faces Detection and Localization with a Simulated Prosthetic Vision Accessiblity 1
0101 wip851 Investigating the Communication Patterns and Needs of Distance-Separated Grandparents and Grandchildren CSCW 1
0102 wip569 Designing a Smartpen Reminder System for Older Adults CSCW 1
0103 wip128 Rotating, Tilting, Bouncing: Using an Interactive Chair to Promote Activity in Office Environments CSCW 1
0104 wip869 Many Faces of Interaction Error: a Detailed Analysis of Slips during Gaze-Based Problem-Solving CSCW 1
0105 wip777 Facilitating Gaze Interaction Using the Gap and Overlap Effects CSCW 1
0106 wip771 Let Me Show You What I Read: Exploring Referencing Strategies for E-Books CSCW 1
0107 wip819 Navigating Constraints: The Design Work of Professional Software Developers CSCW 1
0108 wip160 Supervisory Guide Part I: Detecting Gaps in UAV Swarm Operator Situation Awareness CSCW 1
0109 wip337 A Comprehensive Model of Trust in Automated Systems CSCW 1
0110 wip466 Emphasizing Dysfunctional Group Dynamics in Collaboration Personas: Specification of an Approach CSCW 1
0111 wip648 Hand And Eyes: How Eye Contact Is Linked To Gestures In Video Conferencing CSCW 1
0112 wip144 GitHub Developers Use Rockstars to Overcome Overflow of News CSCW 1
0113 wip348 Performance and Participation in Open Source Software on Github CSCW 1
0114 wip361 CrowdUtility: Know the Crowd That Works For You CSCW 1
0115 wip525 Taskville: Visualizing Tasks and Raising Awareness in the Workplace CSCW 1
0116 wip526 A Timeline Visualization for Multi-Team Collaborative Planning CSCW 1
0117 wip699 It is about Time: Time Aware Quality Management for Interactive Systems with Humans in the Loop CSCW 1
0118 wip856 synchroLight: Three-dimensional Pointing System for Remote Video Communication CSCW 1
0119 wip678 Combining Social Strategies and Workload: a New Design to Reduce the Negative Effects of Task Interruptions CSCW 1
0120 wip909 The Effect of Explanations on Perceived Control and Behaviors in Intelligent Systems CSCW 1
0201 wip811 CHECk: A Tool to Inform and Encourage Ethical Practice in Participatory Design with Children Evaluation and design methods 1
0202 wip439 Exploring the Potential of the Drawing InterventionMethod for Design and Evaluation by Young Children Evaluation and design methods 1
0203 wip748 3D Attention: Measurement of Visual Saliency Using Eye Tracking Glasses Evaluation and design methods 1
0204 wip867 The Challenge of Working with Teens as Participants in Interaction Design Evaluation and design methods 1
0205 wip240 Surprise, Surprise: Activity Log based Time Analytics for Time Management Evaluation and design methods 1
0206 wip652 Towards inferring language expertise using eye tracking Evaluation and design methods 1
0207 wip667 Social Devices – A Laboratory Study on User Preferences of Device Proactivity Evaluation and design methods 1
0208 wip497 Users’ Socially Desirable Responding with Computer Interviewers Evaluation and design methods 1
0209 wip704 Give And Take – Audio Gift Giving To Support Research Practices Evaluation and design methods 1
0210 wip253 Measuring Touch Bias of One Thumb Posture on Direct Touch-based Mobile Devices Evaluation and design methods 1
0211 wip541 Collecting memories of the museum experience Evaluation and design methods 1
0212 wip589 Implementation of a psychological test using an Interactive Table: An experimental study Evaluation and design methods 1
0213 wip853 Using an Intelligent Interviewer to Perform Cognitive Assessments Evaluation and design methods 1
0214 wip435 MATE – A Mobile Analysis Tool for Usability Experts Evaluation and design methods 1
0215 wip480 Analysing User Behaviour Through Dynamic Population Models Evaluation and design methods 1
0216 wip762 Biomechanical Simulation in the Analysis of Aimed Movements Evaluation and design methods 1
0217 wip576 Informing the Design of New Mobile Development Methods and Tools Evaluation and design methods 1
0218 wip551 BESiDE – The Built Environment for Social Inclusion in the Digital Economy Evaluation and design methods 1
0219 wip145 Usability Evaluation of Eye Tracking on an Unmodified Common Tablet Evaluation and design methods 1
0220 wip181 You Say ‘Disaster’, I Say ‘No Problem’: Unusable Problem Rating Scales Evaluation and design methods 1
0221 wip470 Investigating Visual Discomfort With 3D Displays: The Stereoscopic Discomfort Scale Evaluation and design methods 1
0222 wip708 Enwildering the Lab: Merging Field Evaluation with In-Lab Experience Sampling Evaluation and design methods 1
0223 wip715 Verbal and Nonverbal Communication for Evaluating Interactive Spaces. Evaluation and design methods 1
0224 wip756 Did You Notice? Neuronal Processing of Multimodal Mobile Phone Feedback Evaluation and design methods 1
0225 wip705 Framing Design of Reminiscence Aids with Transactive Memory Theory Evaluation and design methods 1
0226 wip790 How Well Do You Know Tom Hanks? Using a Game to Learn About Face Recognition Evaluation and design methods 1
0227 wip308 Tailored Scenarios: A Low-Cost Online Method to Elicit Perceptions on Designs using Real Relationships Evaluation and design methods 1
0228 wip362 To be biased or not to be: choosing between design fixation and design intentionality Evaluation and design methods 1
0229 wip599 An Open Source Approach to Information Scent Evaluation and design methods 1
0230 wip889 Using Design Thinking to Empower Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth in their roles as Technology and Information Mediaries Evaluation and design methods 1
0231 wip730 Researching User Interpretation Beyond Designer Intentions Evaluation and design methods 1
0232 wip444 Letting Go: Working with the Rhythm of Participants Evaluation and desing methods 1
0233 wip899 Allowing Software Developers to Use Culture in their Applications by Providing them a Huge Knowledge Database Called OMCS-Br Evaulation and design methods 1
0301 wip433 Rehearsing to Control Depressive Symptoms through a Behavior Change Support System Health 1
0302 wip249 Supporting Therapists In Motion-Based Gaming For Brain Injury Rehabilitation Health 1
0303 wip107 Developing Hospice Care Over a Distance in Highland Scotland: a Knowledge Exchange Process Health 1
0304 wip276 Evaluation of Roller-Type Itch-Relief Device Employing Hot and Cold Alternating stimuli Health 1
0305 wip347 The Wearable Lullaby: Improving Sleep Quality of Caregivers of Dementia Patients Health 1
0306 wip391 CONTRAST: Gamification of arm-hand training for stroke survivors Health 1
0307 wip471 Leveraging Visual Feedback from Social Signal Processing to Enhance Clinicians’ Nonverbal Skills Health 1
0308 wip496 Designing a Prototype Interface for Visual Communication of Pain Health 1
0309 wip621 CuePbox: An Integrated Physical and Virtual Pillbox for Patient Care Health 1
0310 wip690 Data-Driven Exploration of Care Plans for Patients Health 1
0311 wip693 A Digital Game to Support Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Health 1
0312 wip833 Towards Health-Application Design Guidelines for Toddlers Health 1
0313 wip897 FaceIt: Supporting Reflection upon Social Anxiety Events with Lifelogging Health 1
0314 wip193 Evaluating User Experience of Autistic Children through Video Observation Health 1
0315 wip568 Encouraging Collaboration in Hybrid Therapy Games for Autistic Children Health 1
0316 wip323 Active Collaboration in Healthcare Design: Participatory Design to Develop a Dementia Care App Health 1
0317 wip633 My Mobile Health Health 1
0318 wip531 Exploring New Potentials In Preventing Unhealthy Computer Habits Health 1
0319 wip540 Supporting Distributed Collaborations between Mobile Health Worker and Expert Clinician in Home Care Health 1
0320 wip579 Investigating Healthcare Providers’ Acceptance of Personal Robots for Assisting with Daily Caregiving Tasks Health 1
0321 wip578 Audio-Augmented Paper for the Therapy of Low-Functioning Autism Children Health 1
0322 wip443 A Web-Based Collaborative Translation Management System for Public Health Workers Health 1
0323 wip789 Towards supporting informal information and communication practices within a Brazilian Health care environment. Health 1
0324 wip677 Tangible Games for Stroke Rehabilitation with Digital Box and Blocks Test Health 1
0325 wip448 A phone-based support system to assist alcohol recovery Health 1
0401 wip120 Experiential Perspectives on Road Congestions Interaction and experience design 1
0402 wip329 Ambiguity In Design: An Airport Split-Flap Display Story Telling Installation Interaction and experience design 1
0403 wip478 A Life of Their Own: Museum Visitor Personas Penetrating the Design Lifecycle of a Mobile Experience Interaction and experience design 1
0404 wip210 Strolling with Street Atmosphere Visualization: Development of a Tourist Support System Interaction and experience design 1
0405 wip384 Lost in Time: The Meaning of Temporal Aspects in User Experience Interaction and experience design 1
0406 wip468 A Trip into the Countryside: An Experience Design for Explorative Car Cruises Interaction and experience design 1
0407 wip610 WeCurate: Multiuser Museum Interactives for Shared Cultural Experiences Interaction and experience design 1
0408 wip123 Blended Shelf: Reality-based Presentation and Exploration of Library Collections Interaction and Experience design 1
0409 wip185 Wet Pixels: From Digital to Analogue Originals Interaction and Experience design 1
0410 wip855 Look What I Found! Augmenting Phone Calls with Memories of the Past Interaction and Experience Design 1
0411 wip167 Dreamy Eyes: Exploring Dynamic Expression in Human-System Interaction Interaction and Experience Design 1
0412 wip284 KiTeMiROOM: A Fashion-Coordination System for Mobile Devices Interaction and Experience Design 1
0413 wip369 An Interaction Vocabulary. Describing The How Of Interaction. Interaction and Experience Design 1
0414 wip214 Experience, Engagement and Social Interaction at a Steam Locomotive Multimodal Interactive Museum Exhibit Interaction and Experience Design 1
0501 wip338 Design, Reflect, Explore: Learning through Reflection with Mechanix Learning 1
0502 wip554 A Set Of Interactions To Rotate Solids In 3D Geometry Context Learning 1
0503 wip509 Fearless Cards: Addressing Emotional Barriers to Computer Learning among Extremely Marginalized Populations Learning 1
0504 wip515 Hero: Designing Learning Tools to Increase Parental Involvement in Elementary Education in China Learning 1
0505 wip783 Teachable Mo[bil]ment: Capitalizing on Teachable Moments with Mobile Technology in Zoos Learning 1
0506 wip414 EasyAuthor – Supporting Low Computer Proficiency Teachers In The Design of Educational Content for Adult Illiterates Learning 1
0507 wip404 Pedagogical conversational agents for supporting collaborative learning: Effects of communication channels Learning 1
0508 wip523 Alert in the Cleanroom: Testing alerting modalities for a task guiding interface Learning 1
0509 wip491 EEG-Based Assessment of Video and In-Game Learning Learning 1
0510 wip406 Children’s Computer Interaction in Schools: A Case Study for Promoting Healthy Computer Use Learning 1
0511 wip408 Assessment Design for Emergent Game-Based Learning Learning 1
0512 wip539 Learnersourcing Subgoal Labeling to Support Learning from How-to Videos Learning 1
0513 wip607 Circuit in Pieces: Understanding Electricity from Electrons to Light Bulbs Learning 1
0514 wip630 iSpy: RFID-Driven Language Learning Toy Integrating Living Environment Learning 1
0515 wip776 Let’s Learn Enhancing User’s Engagement Levels Through Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces Learning 1
0516 wip883 Crowdsourced Ethics with Personalized Story Matching Learning 1
0517 wip906 Movers and Shakers: Designing Meaningful Conflict in a Tablet-Based Serious Game Learning 1
0601 wip191 ActiveDesk: Multi-Device Configuration Work using an Interactive Desk Multimedia 1
0602 wip661 Depth-embedded Image: Using Steganography for HCI Multimedia 1
0701 wip894 Towards a more Flexible and Creative Music Mixing Interface Music and Audio 1
0702 wip228 Reactive Music: When User Behavior affects Sounds in Real-Time Music and Audio 1
0703 wip584 The Sound of Light: Induced Synesthesia for Augmenting the Photography Experience Music and Audio 1
0704 wip186 StickEar: Augmenting Objects and Places Wherever Whenever Music and Audio 1
0705 wip558 KIKIWAKE: Sound Source Separation System for Children-Computer Interaction Music and Audio 1
0706 wip565 Harmonic Paper: Interactive Music Interface for Drawing Music and Audio 1
0707 wip647 Toward a Method and Toolkit for the Design of Auditory Displays, based on Soundtrack Composition Music and Audio 1
0708 wip835 Exploring Adverse Effects of Adaptive Voice Menu Music and Audio 1
0709 wip745 Survey of Audio Programming Tools Music and Audio 1
0801 wip121 MIBA: Multitouch Image-Based Authentication on Smartphones Privacy 1
0802 wip122 Improving Privacy Settings for Facebook by Using Interpersonal Distance as Criterion Privacy 1
0803 wip552 What Does Your Profile Really Say About You?: Privacy Warning Systems and Self-disclosure in Online Social Network Spaces Privacy 1
0804 wip593 Location Privacy Revisited: Factors of Privacy Decisions Privacy 1
0805 wip786 Unlocking the Privacy Paradox: Do Cognitive Heuristics Hold the Key Privacy 1
0806 wip799 Android and iOS Users’ Differences concerning Security and Privacy Privacy 1
0807 wip922 In the Balance in Saudi Arabia: Security, Privacy and Trust Privacy 1
0901 wip188 How Personality Influences Users’ Needs for Recommendation Diversity? Social computing 1
0902 wip506 Generating Annotations for How-to Videos Using Crowdsourcing Social computing 1
0903 wip398 Onegai: A Demand-Driven Photo Sharing Tool with Location Reference Social computing 1
0904 wip857 Family Communication in Rural and Slum Regions of Kenya Social computing 1
0905 wip198 Someone to Watch over Me: Presence of an Assistant Agent on SNS Inhibits Negative Blaming Statements in Tweeting Social computing 1
0906 wip834 Are Computers Still Social Actors? Social computing 1
0907 wip600 On How Event Size and Interactivity Affect Social Networks Social computing 1
0908 wip194 Facilitating Natural Flow of Information among “Taste-based†Groups Social computing 1
0909 wip629 Persuasive Dialogue for Older Adults: Promoting and Encouraging Social Interaction Social computing 1
0910 wip355 Crowdfunding: A Resource Exchange Perspective Social computing 1
0911 wip672 Understanding Crowdfunding Work: Implications for Support Tools Social computing 1
0912 wip872 Mixsourcing:A Remix Framework as a Form of Crowdsourcing Social computing 1
0913 wip695 Script-Based Story Matching for Cyberbullying Prevention Social computing 1
0914 wip521 Power of Friends: When Friends Guess About Their Friends’ Guess Social Computing 1
0915 wip222 Clarifications and Question Specificity in Synchronous Social Q&A Social Computing 1
0916 wip225 The Path is the Reward: Considering Social Networks to contribute to the Pleasure of Urban Strolling Social Computing 1
0917 wip632 Designing to Improve Interpersonal Impression Accuracy in Online Peer Production Social Computing 1
0918 wip637 Crowdsourcing As a Method for Indexing Digital Media Social Computing 1
1001 wip102 Exploring the Benefits of Fingernail-Mounted Displays Augmented Reality 1
1002 wip115 AR Pen and Hand Gestures: A New Tool for Pen Drawings Augmented Reality 1
1003 wip218 BouldAR – Using Augmented Reality to Support Collaborative Boulder Training Augmented Reality 1
1004 wip339 User-defined Gestures for Augmented Reality Augmented Reality 1
1005 wip473 Smarter Objects: Using AR technology to program physical objects and their interactions Augmented Reality 1
1006 wip557 Exploring Augmented Reality for User-Generated Hyperlocal News Content Augmented Reality 1
1007 wip111 AteGau: Projector-Based Online Fashion Coordination System Augmented Reality 1
1008 wip687 The Potentials of In-Situ-Projection for Augmented Workplaces in Production. A Study with Impaired Persons Augmented Reality 1
1009 wip753 Scaled Reality: Interfaces For Augmenting Information On Small-Scale Tangible Objects Augmented Reality 1
1010 wip358 Influence on User’s Communication in BHS Videoconferencing: Superimposition of a Remote Person’s Figure on the Local Background Augmented Reality 1
1011 wip726 OneSpace: Shared Depth-Corrected Video Interaction Augmented Reality 1
1101 wip640 Bear-With-Me: An Embodied Prototype to Explore Tangible Two-Way Exchanges of Emotional Language Emotions 1
1102 wip918 Exhibiting Emotion: Using Digital Technologies to Discover Emotional Connections Emotions 1
1103 wip555 Expressing a Robot’s Confidence with Motion-based Artificial Subtle Expressions Emotions 1
1104 wip454 Visualizing Ambivalence: Showing What Mixed Feelings Look Like Emotions 1
1105 wip153 A Playback System that Synchronizes the Musical Phrases with Listener’s Respiration Phases Emotions 1
1106 wip549 AffectCam: Arousal- Augmented SenseCam for Richer Recall of Episodic Memories Emotions 1
1107 wip818 CAAT – A Discrete Approach to Emotion Assessment Emotions 1
1108 wip826 Acted Emotional Expressions of Game-playing Children: Investigating the Influence of Emotion Intensity on Recognition Rates Emotions 1
1109 wip739 Improving Digital Reading Experiences With Mood-Based Content Selection Emotions 1
1201 wip233 Game Principles: Choice, Change & Creativity: Making Better Games Games/play 1
1202 wip393 Designing Children’s Digital Games on Nutrition with Playability Heuristics Games/play 1
1203 wip105 Building A Dictionary of Game-Descriptive Words Games/play 1
1204 wip494 GEMS: A Location-Based Game for Supporting Family Storytelling Games/play 1
1205 wip140 Attention, Time Perception and Immersion in Games Games/play 1
1206 wip300 Decomposing Immersion: Effects of Game Demand and Display Type on Auditory Evoked Potentials Games/play 1
1207 wip426 Do Games Attract or Sustain Engagement in Citizen Science? A Study of Volunteer Motivations Games/play 1
1208 wip598 Assessing User Preference of Video Game Controller Button Settings Games/play 1
1209 wip827 The Cake can be a Lie: Placebos as Persuasive Videogame Elements Games/play 1
1210 wip873 Exploring Social Interaction in Co-located Multiplayer Games Games/play 1
1211 wip326 Understanding Handicapping for Balancing Exertion Games Games/play 1
1212 wip780 Gameplay Experience Evaluation Centered on Participation: the Fátima Game Design Case Games/play 1
1213 wip538 Disassembling Gamification: The Effects of Points and Meaning on User Motivation and Performance Games/play 1
1214 wip642 Body-Controlled Trampoline Training Games Based on Computer Vision Games/play 1
1215 wip843 Fidget Widgets: Secondary Playful Interactions in Support of Primary Serious Tasks Games/play 1
1216 wip504 Social Playware with an Enhanced Reach for Facilitating Group Interaction Games/play 1
1301 wip100 Comparing the Age Effect of Avatar Representation in Gesture-based Gameplay Gesture 1
1302 wip849 Open Sesame: Re-envisioning the Design of a Gesture-Based Access Control System Gesture 1
1303 wip321 Documenting Natural Interactions Gesture 1
1304 wip356 Writing and Sketching in the Air, Recognizing and Controlling on the Fly Gesture 1
1305 wip682 Kinectograph: Let Your Motions Direct Gesture 1
1306 wip161 Gesture-Supported Document Creation on Pen and Touch Tabletops Gesture 1
1307 wip513 MotionDraw: a Tool for Enhancing Art and Performance Using Kinect Gesture 1
1308 wip256 The Interactive Join: Recognizing Gestures for Database Queries Gesture 1
1309 wip782 How We Gesture Towards Machines: An Exploratory Study of User Perceptions of Gestural Interaction Gesture 1
1401 wip803 Designing Natural Speech Interactions for the Living Room inputs 1
1402 wip290 Touch or Remote: Comparing Touch-and Remote-type interfaces for short distance wireless device connection inputs 1
1403 wip245 Error-proof, High-performance, and Context-aware Gestures for Interactive Text Edition Inputs 1
1404 wip490 Interactive Space: A Framework for Prototyping Multitouch Interaction On and Above the Desktop Inputs 1
1405 wip904 Overcoming Limitations of the Trackpad for 3D Docking Operations Inputs 1
1406 wip178 Enhancing visuospatial attention performance with Brain-Computer Interfaces Inputs 1
1407 wip190 Sinkpad: A Malleable Mouse Pad Consisted of an Elastic Material Inputs 1
1408 wip247 The Potential of Fusing Computer Vision and Depth Sensing for Accurate Distance Estimation Inputs 1
1409 wip307 Comparing Modalities and Feedback for Peripheral Interaction Inputs 1
1410 wip334 Influence of Subliminal Cueing on Visual Search Tasks Inputs 1
1411 wip336 Fun with Bananas: Novel Inputs on Enjoyment and Task Performance Inputs 1
1412 wip349 Thumb Widgets: Apply Thumb-Tracking to Enhance Capabilities of Multi-touch on Mobile Devices Inputs 1
1413 wip373 Memory Stones: An Intuitive Copy-and-Paste Method between Multi-touch Computers Inputs 1
1414 wip417 InEar BioFeedController: A Headset For Hands-Free And Eyes-Free Interaction With Mobile Devices Inputs 1
1415 wip516 A Zooming Interface for Accurate Text Input on Mobile Devices Inputs 1
1416 wip625 TouchShield: A Virtual Control for Stable Grip with the Thumb Inputs 1
1417 wip644 ElaScreen: Exploring Multi-dimensional Data using Elastic Screen Inputs 1
1418 wip683 Towards Utilising One-Handed Multi-Digit Pressure Input Inputs 1
1419 wip716 EarPut: Augmenting Behind-the-Ear Devices for Ear-based Interaction Inputs 1
1420 wip302 Using Delboeuf’s Illusion to Improve Point and Click Performance for Older Adults Inputs 1
1421 wip812 Input Method Using Divergence Eye Movement Inputs 1
1422 wip372 Exploring the Interaction Design Space for Interactive Glasses Inputs 1
1423 wip411 Beyond the Familiar? Exploring Extreme Input in Brainstorms Inputs 1
1424 wip503 Assessing Recovery from Cognitive Load through Pen Input Inputs 1
1501 wip612 The Relationship between Encumbrance and Walking Speed on Mobile Interactions PDA&Mobile 1
1502 wip216 CameraMatch: Automatic Recognition of Subjects using Smartphones—toward Entertaining Photo Sessions PDA&Mobile 1
1503 wip527 Utilizing Contextual Information for Mobile Communication PDA&Mobile 1
1504 wip112 Reading with a Digital Roll PDA&Mobile 1
1505 wip305 “I’d Sit at Home And Do Work Emailsâ€: How Tablets Affect the Work-Life Balance of Office Workers PDA&Mobile 1
1506 wip464 Design and Evaluation of Mobile Phonebook Application with Stereoscopic 3D User Interface PDA&Mobile 1
1507 wip474 Investigating and Supporting Undirected Navigation for Runners PDA&Mobile 1
1508 wip760 Insights into Co-located Shared Mobile Search PDA&Mobile 1
1509 wip325 Geo-locked Photo Sharing on Mobile Devices PDA&Mobile 1
1510 wip714 Mobile Experiences for Tourism: Brick City Tours PDA&Mobile 1
1511 wip828 Skateboards as a Mobile Technology PDA&Mobile 1
1512 wip724 Chili: Telepresence via Mobile Video Calls PDA&Mobile 1
1513 wip860 WalkMinder: Encouraging an Active Lifestyle Using Mobile Phone Interruptions PDA&Moible 1
1601 wip110 Promoting Sustainable Print Behavior sustainability 1
1602 wip280 Achieving Sustainable Society through Micro-level Crowdfunding sustainability 1
1603 wip429 Normification: Using Crowdsourced Technology to Affect Third-Party Change sustainability 1
1604 wip532 Improving User Comfort and Office Energy Efficiency with POEM (Personal Office Energy Monitor) sustainability 1
1605 wip581 Co-Designing Motivational Features for Sustainable Urban Mobility sustainability 1
1606 wip622 Take It Personally: Personal Accountability and Energy Consumption in Domestic Households sustainability 1
1607 wip628 Designing a System for Land Change Science Meta-Analysis sustainability 1
1608 wip758 Cool and the Gang: Design Insights for Engaging Student Energy Interventions sustainability 1
1609 wip817 The Stroppy Kettle: An Intervention to Break Energy Consumption Habits sustainability 1
1610 wip227 Teenagers Talking about Technologies: Designing Technology to Reduce Teen Energy Use Sustainability 1
1611 wip788 Greenify: Fostering Sustainable Communities Via Gamification Sustainability 1
1612 wip601 Choice Architecture for Environmentally Sustainable Urban Mobility Sustainability 1
1701 wip131 Tangeo: Geometric Drawing with Tangibles on an Interactive Table-Top Tabletops and displays 1
1702 wip315 Messy Tabletops: Clearing Up The Occlusion Problem Tabletops and displays 1
1703 wip419 IAMHear: A Tabletop Interface with Smart Mobile Devices using Acoustic Location Tabletops and displays 1
1704 wip616 A Surface Manager for Interactive Tabletops Tabletops and displays 1
1705 wip208 Permulin: Collaboration on Interactive Surfaces with Personal In- and Output Tabletops and displays 1
1706 wip101 Overcoming Interaction Blindness through Curiosity Objects Tabletops and displays 1
1707 wip209 Sensing and Reacting to Users’ Interest: an Adaptive Public Display Tabletops and displays 1
1801 wip365 Sensing Fork: Eating Behavior Detection Utensil and Mobile Persuasive Game Tactile 1
1802 wip172 Peripheral Information Displays Using Vibro-Tactile Stimuli Tactile 1
1803 wip842 Feel the Action: Dynamic Tactile Cues in the Interaction with Deformable UIs Tactile 1
1804 wip103 Toward Tactile Notifications for Ambulatory Users Tactile 1
1805 wip219 Towards Tactile Expressions of Emotion Through Mediated Touch Tactile 1
1806 wip306 Accelerative Effect of Tactile Feedback on Turn-Taking Control in Remote Verbal-Communication Tactile 1
1807 wip319 Perception of Thermal Stimuli for Continuous Interaction Tactile 1
1808 wip424 Mouse Mode of OnScreenDualScribe: Three Types of Keyboard-Driven Mouse Replacement Tactile 1
1809 wip921 Haptic Cues: Texture Guidance for Mouse- and Tangible Interaction Tactile 1
1810 wip436 A Temerature-based Touch-sensor for Non-Emissive Textile Displays Tactile 1
1811 wip655 Wave Alchemy: Perception and Reminiscence of Expressive Moments through Waves Tactile 1
1812 wip129 TangibleRings: Nestable Circular Tangibles Tactile 1
1813 wip499 A One-Handed Multi-Touch Method for 3D Rotations Tactile 1
1814 wip664 Touch Through: Experiencing Remote Touch Across Different Modalities Tactile 1
1901 wip874 When the Tissue Box Says “Bless You!â€: Using Speech to Build Socially Interactive Objects ubiquitous computing 1
1902 wip359 Ubiquitous Shortcuts: Mnemonics by Just Taking Photos Ubiquitous computing 1
1903 wip550 Connect and Connectivity: Revealing a World of Interactions Ubiquitous computing 1
1904 wip888 Relating to Speech Evoked Car Personalities Ubiquitous computing 1
1905 wip507 Exploring Programmable Light Spaces with Deformable Mirrors Ubiquitous computing 1
1906 wip892 Designing the Car iWindow Exploring Interaction through Vehicle Side Windows Ubiquitous computing 1
1907 wip164 Energy Management System for EV based on User Behavior Induction Ubiquitous computing 1
1908 wip379 The Open Platform for Personal Lifelogging: The eLifeLog Architecture Ubiquitous computing 1
1909 wip586 Towards an Adaptive Cultural Heritage Experience Using Physiological Computing Ubiquitous computing 1
2001 wip360 Does Clustered Presentation Lead Readers To Diverse Selections? UI Design 1
2002 wip415 Ubi-Jector : An Information-Sharing Screen in a Casual Meeting Environment Using Mobile Devices UI Design 1
2003 wip566 Peripheral Agent: Implementation of Peripheral Cognition Technology UI Design 1
2004 wip619 Estimating User Interruptibility by Measuring Table-top Pressure UI Design 1
2005 wip732 Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Interfaces for IVR Systems UI Design 1
2006 wip734 Bezel-Flipper: Design of a Light-weight Flipping Interface for E-Books UI Design 1
2007 wip920 User Authentication in a Multi-touch Surface: A Chord Password System UI Design 1
2008 wip173 Artifacts for Programmable Devices: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly UI Design 1
2009 wip421 Bases of Human-Computer Trust and Explanations UI Design 1
2010 wip830 Patterns of Experience in Thermal Conceptual Metaphors UI Design 1
2101 wip183 Interacting with Microseismic Visualizations Visualization 1
2102 wip370 Accentuating Visualization Parameters to Guide Exploration Visualization 1
2103 wip413 Toward a Visual Interface for Brain Connectivity Analysis Visualization 1
2104 wip481 Fisheye Word Cloud for Temporal Sentiment Exploration Visualization 1
2105 wip733 Fast Interactive Visualization for Multivariate Data Exploration Visualization 1
2106 wip801 TouchViz: (Multi)Touching Multivariate Data Visualization 1
2107 wip159 Visualizing Lifelog Data For Different Interaction Platforms Visualization 1
2108 wip291 VISO: A Shared, Formal Knowledge Base as a Foundation for Semi-automatic InfoVis Systems Visualization 1
2201 wip244 LiveThumbs: A Visual Aid for Web Page Revisitation Web and Ecommerce 1
2202 wip666 Ads Suit Up! Effects of Website and Advertiser Credibility on Consumer Responses to Banner Ads Web and Ecommerce 1
2203 wip434 Facilitating Developer-User Interactions with Mobile App Review Digests Web and Ecommerce 1
2204 wip492 Crowdfunding Support Tools Web and Ecommerce 1
2205 wip823 Towards Estimating Web Search Result Relevance from Touch Interactions on Mobile Devices Web and Ecommerce 1
2206 wip703 Understanding the Specificity of Web Search Queries Web and Ecommerce 1
2207 wip875 Does Ad Blindness on the Web Vary by Age and Gender? Web and Ecommerce 1
2208 wip285 HITOKE: A Study of Line Visualization of Internet Purchase Information Web and ECommerce 1
2209 wip467 The Gender-Brand Effect of Key Phrases on User Clicks in Sponsored Search Web and ECommerce 1
2210 wip250 Effortless Tool-based Evaluation of Web Form Filling Tasks using Keystroke Level Model and Fitts Law Web and ECommerce 1
2211 wip400 Picassopass: A Password Scheme Using a Dynamically Layered Combination of Graphical Elements Web and ECommerce 1
2212 wip727 openHTML: Designing a Transitional Web Editor for Novices Web and ECommerce 1
2213 wip805 Does Interactive Search Results Overview Help? An Eye tracking Study Web and ECommerce 1
2214 wip597 Online Ad Banners: The Effects of Goal Orientation and Content Congruence on Memory Web and ECommerce 1
2215 wip459 On-site Information Seeking Behaviors in Earthquake and Tsunami Web and ECommerce 1
2216 wip689 Credible Web: A Platform for Web Credibility Evaluation Web and ECommerce 1
2217 wip611 Empirical Evaluation of 20 Web Form Optimization Guidelines Web and ECommerce 1